18 Wheeler Havoc Mode is an unlockable mode in Take A Ride Mode. It is found only in Miami. It is unlocked by killing all 10 Timmy Vermicellis (see Timmy Vermicelli.) in Miami. Once you do kill all ten you'll unlock the Armory. It is found in Coral Gables near the Biltmore Hotel. It is a blue dot on the map. Find it and go inside it. Go down the stairs and into the room. You'll find Health Boxes and collected Weapons in it. As you step in that room, 18 Wheeler Havoc is turned on. Get out the Armory. Don't go back in; you may fall into an Abyss and die. You'll realize big 18 Wheelers are after you. They are being driven by other Timmy Vermicellis! How dare they! The 18 Wheelers replaced the cops! Get a car and leave. Be careful, because it's like the Timmies upgraded the speed of the trucks. If you're not careful you can lose your car. These 18 Wheelers are more deadly than cops. They'll chase you, crash your car, and more. This time Timmies carry a Uzi (9mm Machine Pistol). These 18 Wheelers are always after you unless you put on the Immunity Cheat (see Cheats). Crashing into them with a car may seem like a good way to take them out, but it just makes things worse as they can easily ram you off the road and onto the pavement.

It is possible to "steal" Timmy's super 18 wheeler. While being pursued, run until they lose sight of you, and return to where the rig stopped. You will see the Timmy's rig is "inactive" (unless you go too near) then snipe those Timmies in the driver seat (use M16 as it has far range), get in, and enjoy the super Bullet Rig!