The 1971 Renault 12 police car.

The 1971 Renault 12 is a police car in Istanbul. It is small. Its color is white. It has "Polis" written on it, which is the turkish word for Police. The siren of this car is just like the police Citroën ZX from Nice (a European siren) but has a faster beat. The car is quite fast. It is the only police car with one light and also the smallest car. It is a two door sedan. When driving this car (as with other police cars) you'll see other officers driving their own 1971 Renault 12 police car. You can't get it from the menu, even if you put on the All Vehicles cheat. You have to steal it from a cop. You may succeed but the police will likely shoot at you once you steal it.

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