A 1980 Dodge Diplomat.

The 1980 Dodge Diplomat is a police car in Miami. It is a very long car. It has red lights. This police car has a top speed of 120 mph, weighs 3,369 lbs, and can be seen patrolling the city of Miami. This police car is the largest police car in the game. The police car (like other police cars such as the (Citroën ZX ) cannot be chosen from the menu screen, even if you put on the All Vehicles Cheat. That means you must steal it. Upon stealing, expect the car to take bullet hole damage as the police fire at you and the car. More patrol cars will appear to pursue you as your felony meter increases. This is a great stunt vehicle.

Trivia Edit

  • This vehicle also appears in Stuntman, another Reflections game. It appears as a Sherrif's car and as toy car in Stunt Constructor.

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