A 1980 Dodge Diplomat.

The 1980 Dodge Diplomat is the vehicle of choice for the Miami Police Department, this vehicle has no civilian counterpart, it appears in Miami

Performance Edit

This vehicle has pretty decent performance, it handles great and can go pretty fast, expected from a police car

Mission Appearances Edit

  • Police HQ (As a Wreck)
  • Lead On Baccus
  • The Siege
  • Rooftops (As Patrol, No relevance to mission)
  • Trapped
  • Dodge Island (As Patrol, No relevance to mission)

Location Edit

  • Seen Patrolling in the missions Rooftops, Trapped, and Dodge Island
  • Can be seen patrolling in Miami Take A Ride if police is set to on

Trivia Edit

  • This vehicle can not be selected from the Take A Ride menu, like other police vehicles in the game
  • This vehicle also appears in Stuntman, another Reflections game. It appears as a Sherrif's car and as toy car in Stunt Constructor.