An Armory is the name assigned to a location employed for the storage of armament & ammunition.

There is an armory in each of the three cities (Miami, Nice and Istanbul). Access to all armories is gained by eliminating all of the 10 Timmy Vermicelli in each city, after which the respective armory will appear in the player's radar as a blue dot. The three contain large amounts of hardware, ammunition & health packs, with the filpside being the activation of a permanent side effect upon leaving the site, which cannot be deactivated unless the player ends the current Take A Ride session.

List of Armories in DRIV3REdit


  • Location: enterable from a shack in a house located near the area of the sewer leading to the Karting track with the Made For Game Kart.
  • Effect: Enables 18 Wheel Havoc Mode-- all police cars are replaced by Timmy Vermicellis on dark-red trucks (these Timmies, however, are more lightly armed than the ones gunned down before.)


  • Location: inside the tower located near the Mont-Blanc spawn point. It is inside an ancient looking armor room.
  • Effect: Armed Pedestrians Mode; all civilians on foot will be packing heat and will be gunning for the player.


  • Location: subfloor of an abandoned building in the west of the map.
  • Effect: Critical Mass Mode: the only benevolent armory side effect in the game, increases the player's current vehicle's mass to the point where any cars rammed at high-speed will be sent flying, with no damage to the player's car.


  • If the players rams too many vehicles in Istanbul w/ Critical Mass mode, there might be a chance that the player's speed will, for some reason, decrease. The only way to fix this is by letting off the gas, then pressing X again. However, motorcycles do not suffer from this.
  • One should acquire decent firepower when trying to hunt down the Vermicellis, due to their firepower.
  • Each armory has a different style and layout to it. For example, Miami has American flags.