The BMW 635 CSi (E24) in Nice.


The BMW 635 CSi (E24) in a cutscene in Istanbul. It is seen during the beginning of the game.

The BMW 635 CSi is a vehicle that appears in Nice

Performance Edit

This vehicle has good peformance, it can go fast and handles nicely

Mission Appearances Edit

  • Police HQ (First Cutscene, Police Variant)
  • Smash And Run (CGI Cutscene)
  • Hunted

Location Edit

  • Seen as common traffic in Nice

Trivia Edit

  • In the first cutscene of the game, a police BMW 635 CSi can be seen, it is operated by the Istanbul police and has the Sirens of the Dodge Diplomat Police
  • This vehicle appears in the game Stuntman, another vehicle released by Reflections, it appears slightly different.