The BMW 635 CSi (E24) in Nice.


The BMW 635 CSi (E24) in a cutscene in Istanbul. It is seen during the beginning of the game.

The BMW 635 is a car in Nice. It is a fast car with good acceleration and handling capabilities and also noticebly one of the best balanced cars in Nice. It is a two door and a bit long, however you can easily jump on it. This car is quite common in Nice and is sometimes found parked but most are seen driven by pedestrians. This car appeared in one of the first cutscenes in DRIV3R as a police car in Istanbul (see the picture). It's possibly the second stage of the Giulietta (1st in 1955) or possibly a BMW 635 (very rare in Nice).

Trivia Edit

  • This vehicle also appears in Stuntman, another Reflections game.

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