Baccus is a violent drifter and hand-for-hire on the West Coast in Driv3r. There seemed to be nothing his name wasn't connected to, including violent crimes, assaults, larcenies, burglaries, arson, and even a string of seemingly random murders in dives, bars, and motels along Highway 1. However, it was armed robbery and motor vehicle-related crime that Baccus turned to most often. He frequently worked alone, but sometimes he worked in gangs that he either formed or joined but then soon disbanded.

Baccus works with the notorious South Beach car theft gang.

Baccus eventually became involved with a Lorenzo Visalia and is believed to have worked for him for more than two years, featuring prominently in both the armed robbery of an armored truck carrying $3.5 million in cash and the theft of four high-performance cars from a showroom. It is believed that Baccus threatened to turn informer on Visalia unless his boss gave him a larger cut of the profits. Shortly after these rumors circulated, Baccus was known to have left California.

A man matching his description later showed up in Miami. Apparently, the man was wanted in connection with a spate of violent crimes--some seemingly premeditated and some spontaneous--that were often motiveless.

At some point during his time in Miami, Baccus began working with the carjacking outfit "South Beach" as a specialized getaway driver. Before he joined South Beach, though, the FBI had only once before had a good enough lead to work with involving the infamous hand-for-hire. However, after he became a regular member of South Beach, Baccus twice provided the FBI with leads (in a three-month period) that could have been disastrous for the carjacking outfit. On one occasion, Baccus' personal whereabouts were discovered, but he narrowly escaped authorities during a car chase. On another occasion, South Beach's plans were disrupted, and its warehouse was actually discovered.

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