The Biltmore Hotel is a fancy designed hotel in Coral Gables . It is a large hotel with a red carpeting. It is probably a 5 star hotel since it looks so fancy. Although no limousines are out here, you it has a limousine like parking lot. The Biltmore Hotel has a go kart race track with a go kart and pit stop. The Go Kart is a secret car here which is a reason why you must come here. A Timmy Vermicelli (see Timmy Vermicelli.) is here too. To get to the Go Kart you must go to the right of the hotel to find a secret pathway. Go there and go up the steps. Kill the Timmy there and activate the switch. Get back in your car and drive on. You will find yourself behind the Biltmore Hotel. Here you can race the guy in the Go Kart or just drive the Go Kart and leave.