A stopped Cigarette Boat in Nice.


Driving a Cigarette Boat in Nice.

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The Cigarette Boat in Miami.

Boats are vehicles featured in Driv3r. Most are speedboats. They can be found at docks and harbors. Boats are used to get around water areas you can't get to before dying. There are Boats are found in both Take A Ride Mode and Undercover Mode. The most common type of Boat is the Cigarette Boat. This boat is used in a lot of missions. It is a fast boat. They're also bigger boats but those are slower. One black and white boat is found in Miami. It is really fast. Boats are the only vehicles you can shoot and drive at the same time. That is how you kill Timmy Vermicellis found on land areas surrounded by water. The Cigarette Boat in Miami is yellow. In Nice it is black or blue. Some Boats can be found at your Miami House (the house like Safehouse you start your first mission at). Whenever a boat is taken from a dock or harbor, it will be replaced once you are far away. The other boats include a superyacht in Miami and rusted fishing boats along with a Speedboat with a flybridge in Istanbul