Boucherie is a restaurant in Nice. It is a small place. Boucherie is an easy to recognize place because of its logo. Its logo is written in yellow words that say "Boucherie" on a red-painted part of wall. Boucherie may be a restaurant, although it is unknown to what it means to people who have not learned French language. Most Boucheries are at the beginning of the roads that pass REC. These roads are the roads near the starting point that is behind the farthest left starting point. When you begin, turn around and head straight. Turn right when the road ends. Now you find lots of Boucheries. These are also the streets where La Elule, Senesis, CINE CINE CINE Video, Java Javas Coffee, and Snack Bar Restaurant are found. Boucherie is unaccessible to the player.

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