The Clark CH-60 forklift.

The Clark CH-60 (commonly referred as Forklift) is a secret vehicle in Nice.

Description & LocationEdit

This vehicle is found near the far east of Nice's map. Go there and find a long pathway that is among the roads with the dock view. Once you find it, follow it until you find other pathways. They should lead into a yard with a garage. Go to the garage. It should open and inside is the Clark CH-60 forklift. Once you have found this vehicle you can select it from the menu.


The forklift isn't so fast as expected. It is possible to lift up cars by pressing the B button. Take this vehicle with ease due to its height, it may flip over if hit or turned too hard.

Trivia Edit

  • This vehicle was featured in Stuntman as a non-playable vehicle in a few scenes of Toothless in Wapping. Stuntman is also developed by Reflections and the exact same model and textures are used for both games.