Damageable items are items that take damage from a gun shot or car crash. Such stuff include mail boxes, advertisements (Nokia walls in Nice), trash bags, glass, tables, chairs (that includes benches), bottles, fans, Vehicles, Boats and more. These items are sent rolling, flying, or falling to the ground with a hit. You can destroy all these things by crashing into them or shooting them. Mailboxes, chairs and Vehicles are the most common damageable items. You can move a dumpster however, you must be near or at top speed to do so. Only glass doors such as the ones in the Mortain Mall can be damaged. Surprisingly a tree cannot be damaged. Most damageable items are so weak, even the slightest hit can damage them. Damageable items make a sound. The sound varies. If you hit a mailbox you'll hear metal. If you hit glass or bottles you'll hear glass. The most common sound of a damageable item is the sound when you break the remaining items (besides glass and mailboxes). Damageable items vary and are found everywhere. Depending on the how fast you were going and how hard you hit the item can send it flying ( a very hard hit) rolling ( a quite strong hit) or falling ( a weak hit). That excludes glass and advertisements; those can be damaged completely with a weak or strong hit.