DRIV3R (better known as Driver 3) is a game released by Atari and Reflections Interactive in 2004.

Game modes Edit

There are 2 game modes in DRIV3R, Undercover and Take A Ride.


The box for DRIV3R for the Xbox.

Undercover Mode Edit

Undercover is basically "mission mode" and consists of different missions and tasks, mostly involved with assassinations of rivals, police chases and driving around to places, taking place in 3 cities, Miami, Florida, Nice, France and Istanbul, Turkey. The user starts off in Miami at the players seaside house and has to drive to the police station and do target practice in the station.

Take A Ride Mode Edit

Take A Ride mode is a simple free roam with no tasks or missions to complete. The player first chooses a car, boat, motorcycle, bus or truck. They then pick the time of day, the weather, and whether the police will be patrolling or not. They then pick a start point out of the ones available. They are then all on their own to explore the cities and other things.