The Ford GT40 is a secret car in Miami.


The Ford GT40.

Description & LocationEdit

It is really a Ford GT in Miami but it is called the Ford GT40. To find it go to the construction site (it is on the highway across the Draw Bridge) and go past it (you are coming from the gas station or some other place before it). There should be a street on your left. Turn into it and follow it until it ends. It will end at a house with a garage. The garage will open revealing a dark blue Ford GT40. The Ford GT40 will be sent to the menu screen. Starting with a Ford GT40 will, this time, give your a dark blue Ford GT40. This car (like other secret cars) is the one of the cars that only you will appear driving.


  The Ford GT40 is an extremely fast car. It can escape cops with ease. It's faster than the Lamborghini Jalpa, having a excellent acceleration and handling, as well as excellent braking, the car is also fairly durable.