Fugitive Mode is an unlockable mode in Nice, during Take A Ride Mode. It is unlocked when you find and kill all 10 Timmy Vermicellis (see Timmy Vermicelli) in Nice. Once you do, you will unlock the Armory of Nice. Just like how the Safehouses are red dots, the Armory is a blue dot. It is on a twisty road. The road leads to some castle like building. Go in it and find the room with a fire, Health Boxes and all your collected Weapons. As soon as you step foot in that room, Fugitive Mode is turned on. As you leave, all the Pedestrians have weapons, and are shooting at you as if you had once destroyed Nice. It is easy to get killed in this mode. You could get killed before you reach the road (by walking)! Pedestrians even shoot at the car you're in, later destroying the car. The best tactic is to reach another safehouse and shoot from there. No matter how good you think you are, don't run through the gunfire. It will only result in you being killed.