The GM TDH 5303 bus

The GM TDH 5303 is a bus in Miami. It is the largest and longest bus in the game. This bus is slow due to its size. However, due to its size, it can damage cars badly, and may not get a scratch. It lasts longer before being destroyed. The destination sign says "Miami" although it is Miami's bus and it is in Miami! This bus takes a long time to turn. Along with Miami's Volvo FL truck, the GM TDH 5303 bus advertises SoBe on it. Since this bus is so BIG, if you want to see what's in front of you, try changing the camera. The GM TDH 5303 is a rare vehicle which makes it totally different from Miami's taxi, the 1978 Ford LTD. After a while you may find it. This bus is easy to notice since it is a toy in toy stores (in real life). When you are driving the GM TDH 5303 bus, many other people will appear driving the bus too. However, people drive the bus so slow, it could be pulled over in real life by a cop. Let's just go with the pedestrians' speed limit being 20 miles per hour.