Gator's Yacht viewed from another Boat.

Gator's Yacht is the sixth mission in Miami and the sixth mission of Undercover Mode.

Gator's Yacht is a large boat that sits on the other side of the island south of Miami Beach. It is featured in the Miami Mission by the same name. The vehicle is enterable but not drivable by the player and is destroyed with C4 in the main story mission, but always exists in Take A Ride Mode.

Trivia Edit


Statue of Liberty poster found in the basement of Gator's Yacht

  • In the bottom layer of the boat where the engine room is, there is a poster hung on the wall which shows the Statue of Liberty and the words "home?", this is believed to be foreshadowing that the next Driver game will be in New York City, which is proven by the fact that Driver: Parallel Lines is set in New York City.

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