The Gold Coast Hotel in Miami at Night with the Gold Coast sign on.

The Gold Coast Hotel is one of the hotels in Miami. You can enter it. The hotel was the place where Miami's 4th mission Rooftops is held. Only one hotel room, you can enter. It is on the second floor to the right. It is one of the doors near the last door. It had a Uzi ( 9mm Machine Pistol, see Weapons) on the bed during Rooftops. No one is in this hotel unless you are playing Rooftops. The Gold Coast Hotel has a Timmy Vermicelli in it. Do you remember where the elevator was in Rooftops? Enter the building and continue going up until you find a door that says something with the word "Power" . The door is gray. Go inside it and open the door inside the room. It will lead you to the roof. Take the stairs down and go up the other stairs until you find a house-like building with a door. Enter the door. Go to the side of the elevator. The elevator makes a "Ding" sound like most elevators do. Inside is the Timmy. If you use good Aiming you can aim at him from the side of the elevator. If done correctly, you would've killed him before he saw or shot you. The Gold Coast Hotel is a high building. You can instantly kill yourself, if you jump off (unless you put on the Invincibility Cheat, see Cheats). The door leading inside the building is blue while others are brown. The Hotel's floors are carpeted with a decoration. Paintings and frames are on the walls. Elevators are on every floor, however, you cannot enter any elevator during Take A Ride Mode, not even the one that took you down in Rooftops. Only in Undercover Mode, the elevator works, so that means, no ability to reach the underground parking lot. The hotel is quite difficult and confusing to get into.