Impress Lomaz is the fifth mission in Miami and the fifth mission of Undercover Mode.

Mission Edit

You're told to meet Lomaz downtown. Once you get there, he wants you to show him your driving skills, so you must drive through barrels and other objects and wreck Tico's yard in order to pass. There will be henchmen shooting at you while you're doing this, and you're timed. After you pass this, Lomaz wants you to drive to the Red River Bar in Little Havana. As Lomaz waits in the car, your objective here is to kill the enemies inside and smash everything up before the cops arrive. Once you do, you will have completed the mission.

Tips and Tricks Edit

  1. Destroying the stuff inside the bar can be tricky, as even the smallest of items need to be broken before you leave.
  2. Both of the time limits in each section don't give you a lot of time, so if you mess up, it can cost you.
  3. The Uzi is the best weapon for this mission, due to it's impressive rate of fire.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a glitch that can happen in Tico's yard. During the end of the section, you can die in your car, but still be able to pass. This glitch is very hard to come by.

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