Infinite Mass is the reward the player gets for killing all Timmy Vermicellis in Istanbul. Unlike 18 Wheeler Havoc Mode, and Fugitive Mode, which more torture the player than reward him, when the player kills all Timmies and enters the door in the Armory, he will gain the power of Infinite Mass. When the player hits a vehicle, his car no longer stops when being hit (you will push the car out of the way and move on) and his car would not take damage, no matter what he hits. So, you could hit a tree or even the Trolley, and not take damage. Only cars you are not driving can be damaged. Also, a grenade from the Grenade Launcher cannot damage your car. Infinite Mass also makes your car stronger. The slightest hit can kill a person in a car. Ever wanted to get a bus flip or watch it flip in the air? Infinite Mass is the trick. If you run into a bus (it even works at low speed) the bus would go high as if doing a wheelie. at this point if you push it and it hits a streetlight or something, it can flip in the air, or flip over. The bus is nearly completely damaged at that point, because Infinite Mass strenghthens your car. A motorcycle like the Triumph Speed Triple and Piaggio Vespa is weaker than a vehicle like a car (like the Alpine A110 or Nissan 240Z). Infinite Mass deals serious damage to vehicles. If you plan on stealing a car with Infinite Mass on DON'T HIT IT!!! Infinite Mass can easily flip over a car, bus, truck, etc. However, sometimes your car may slow down for a few minutes. Police will ram your car, but because it cannot take damage and they can take damage, their car will eventually break down after a great amount of hits. When a car hits a motorcycle on its back with Infinite Mass, it may not seem to knock off the cyclist, as if it is weaker than without Infinite Mass. However, be careful with Infinite Mass. Good Luck!

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