Istanbul map

A detailed map of Istanbul.

Driv3r 4-1-

Tanner shooting at a street in Istanbul.

İstanbul kilidinin oynanabilir şehirlerinden sonuncusu. Büyük ve eğlenceli. Ayrıca Tramvay Ağı da dahil olmak üzere toplu taşıma araçlarına sahiptir.

It has a nightclub, two docks, a very long (tall when you activate it) Draw Bridge, lots of mosques, bars, even a stadium! The nightclub is fun, but when you step on that dance floor you'll be hearing machine guns. That's right, another Timmy Vermicelli to take down!

Unlike the real city which has great cars such as Alfa Romeo, most of Istanbul's cars are 40 years old and it is misdepicted. Istanbul's bus is the only bus in the game that has a destination sign on it. 

You have 3 safehouses: a red brick apartment, a hotel-like building, and a dark building. One Timmy Vermicelli is in a secret room of your apartment!

Istanbul is a very dark city, even if you are playing at daytime it will still be dark. Istanbul has a train station that you can walk to. While large and entertaining, the city appears to be the most poor and depressing of the three cities. In certain places of the city you will hear religious hymns from mosques.

Locations Edit

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