Istanbul map

A detailed map of Istanbul.

Driv3r 4-1-

Tanner shooting at a street in Istanbul.

The last of the playable cities of Driv3r. Great and fun. It also has public transport, including the Tramway Network.

It has a nightclub, two docks, a very long (tall when you activate it) Draw Bridge, lots of mosques, bars, even a stadium. The nightclub is fun, but when you step on that dance floor you will be hearing machine guns. Another Timmy Vermicelli is hiding there.

Unlike the real city which has expensive cars such as Alfa Romeo, most of Istanbul's cars presented here are over 40 years old and it is misdepicted. Istanbul's bus is the only bus in the game that has a destination sign on it. 

You can access the tram by jumping into it, only when it is stopped. 

You have 3 safehouses: a red brick apartment, a hotel-like building, and a dark building. One Timmy Vermicelli is hiding in a secret room of your apartment.

Istanbul is a very dark city, even if it is set at daytime. Istanbul has a train station that you can walk to. While large and entertaining, the city appears to be the poorest and depressing of the three cities. You will hear religious hymns from all the mosques located in this city.

Only European part of Istanbul is depicted in Driv3r.

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