The secret door in the apartment

In South-Eastern Istanbul there is an enterable apartment which is one of the Safehouses, featuring a gym, a help desk, car park and the apartment itself.

Inside the ApartmentEdit

Inside (from the front entrance) there is a help desk and a door leading to stairs to go up. On the first floor you can find a gym with gym equipment. And Interestingly, there is a picture of a man on the wall who I believe, resembles CJ from GTA: San Andreas. Going up another level there is a corridor with doors to apartments, and at the end, you can find yours.

It features Health and Ammunition inside, along with a secret room in which a Timmy Vermicelli can be found. There is a cupboard blocking this door so use a weapon to get it out of the way, once inside you can go round a wall and there is the Timmy Vermicelli.

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