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Jericho in Driv3r.

Introduced In: Contacts(Cutscene)
Survived: Chase the Train

Charles Jericho is a minor character from Driver 2, who appears as the main antagonist of DRIV3R. He is introduced in an early cutscene, but does not actually appear until later in the game. From the start of the game, he is involved with the vehicle shipment of 40 cars from Miami, Florida.

In the mission Hunted, Jericho reveals himself to the Tanner as the one behind the shipment, when he captures Tanner and Dubois in a boathouse. Dubois is killed, but Tanner escapes to Istanbul, proving to be a further hinderance to Jericho's operation.

Tanner (along with Jones and Vauban) is able to catch up to the criminal, and just miss him as he escapes on a train. After the ensuing chase, Tanner continues to persue Jericho, whilst aiding the police in fighting off his men. After a violent firefight, Tanner corners Jericho in an alleyway. He tries to finish the case by killing him, but ultimately cannot bring himself to do it. As he turns to leave him there, Jericho reveals a handgun, and fatally injures Tanner. His own fate is left unknown, but he is seen in the hospital at the end of the game, being cared for by doctors. But is later reviled he will be the main antagonist in the new game Driver San Francisco and will appear along with John Tanner.


A number of characters are killed by Jericho throughout the game, including Solomon Caine, his own boss. (He presumably kills Caine for allying with Vasquez near the end of Driver 2 although it could be because he was power hungry ) Jericho kills Dubois later in the game, and the Bagman soon after. And along with many police officers in Istanbul .