The Lamborghini Jalpa is a car in Miami.


The Lamborghini Jalpa.


The Lamborghini Jalpa has the same motor as the Ferrari 328 GTS. The front looks like the Ferrari too. You may mistake it for the Ferrari since both cars have low bodies. It always has a spoiler on it. There are many colors of this vehicle, however, your starting color is dark blue. This car is quite rare. You will find it, however, if you last long enough. This car was one of the first cars to be driven in Undercover Mode along with the 1970 Dodge Challenger, 1970 Ford Mustang MkI and Ferrari 328 GTS. When you are driving this vehicle, other people will appear driving this vehicle.


The cars is quite fast and it has a great acceleration, its light and low body is ideal for a stunt jump, it's easily one of (if not) the fastest cars in Miami.

Trivia Edit

  • It also appears in Stuntman, another Reflections game. However, in Stuntman it has a roof and a smaller spoiler.