The Made For Game Kart flipping over a Lamborghini Jalpa.

The Made For Game Kart (more commonly referred as the Go Kart) is a secret vehicle in Miami.

Description & LocationEdit

To find it go to the Biltmore Hotel the end of Coral Gables. Turn right into the grass. You should see a secret pathway. Go through it. It should end around some building with stairs. Go up the stairs. Kill the Timmy Vermicelli (see Timmy Vermicelli.) inside there and activate the switch. Go back down the stairs and into your car/bike. Go through the pathway opposite the one you just went through. You should find yourself behind the Biltmore Hotel looking at a race track with a pit stop. Go to the pit stop and take the Made For Game Kart. You can race the racer there or leave.  Once you found the Go Kart you could select it from the menu. This kart is always red and always has race designs on it.


Although the Made For Game Kart is small, it has the ability to flip over cars. It could flip over cars at high speeds too. They flip the car by going under it. As the picture shows the kart flipping a Lamborghini Jalpa. This kart could even flip the 1975 Ford Econoline. The kart is fast too. As a normal Go Kart would, it has high turning screeches. Only you and the racer behind the Biltmore are seen with Go Karts.


  • This vehicle has the same engine sound as the Kawasaki ZX-6 Ninja, and it even shifts gears. This indicates it's a high-performance shifter cart, which in real life often use motorcycle engines and multi-speed transmissions. The 600cc engine from a Ninja would be huge for a cart, though.