Picture of an Elevated Rail station in Downtown Miami


An Elevated Rail car stopped at a station in Downtown Miami

The Metromover is a blue, trolley-like vehicle with green and white paintings which runs through Downtown Miami and an inaccessible method of public transportation unlike the Tram in Istanbul which can be ridden. The Metromover is elevated above the ground, so Tanner must climb stairs to get to the station. Jumping or falling off the station edges will instantly kill Tanner (unless the  Invincibility Cheat is activated). Tanner can also die by getting hit by a Metromover vehicle. The Metromover moves in a somewhat, glitchy way, and makes very noticeably sharp turns, much like the subway cars in Grand Theft Auto III if you follow them through the tunnels. It is possible for Tanner to get a car on the Metromover tracks, but it takes time and practice. It is easier with a motorcycle, however. Tanner can also use the  tracks to jump onto nearby building roofs to make it easier to cause mayhem. The Metromover has two tracks of which two vehicles traveling in opposite directions appear and stop at, a large sign of a faint map, and a inaccessible elevator.

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