Miami Beach is the large district along the eastern coast of Miami

Standing on Miami Beach viewing the coastline and hotels.

. It is separated from the rest of the districts in the city by two bridges spanning Biscayne Bay, and houses the vast majority of the area's upper-class residence, nightlife, and tourism.

Miami Beach contains several real-life hotels and landmarks, and also includes famous roadways such as Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. The beach spans along the majority of the island on the eastern side, and is never populated, but set up with beach volleyball nets and lifeguard stands.

South Pointe Park is also located in the southern area of the district, which is where the vast majority of the island's residents live. An unidentified island is situated north of Miami Beach, which cannot be reached, as there are no roadways connecting to it and boats will be forced to turn back in attempts to reach it. Another nameless island containing large buildings and a construction crane is situated to the south. It is accessiblle but only along the edges, as trees serve as blockades to the player from traveling a certain distance to the center.

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