The Miami House (or Miami Apartment) is your home/ Safehouse in Miami. It is the Safehouse on the far east of the map. It
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Tanner shooting at his white chairs for some reason in the Miami House.

touches the sea. The Miami House is probably the most beautiful out of all Safehouses. You start your first mission (as well as Impress Lomaz, Rooftops, and Gator's Yacht mission) leaving this home. It is a white house. This house has a balcony, bedroom, kitchen, living room, open and close garage, parking lot and Boat dock. The Boat Dock is to the right of your Miami House. as you exit the place you'll see a dock with two different or same boats in it. The parking lot may not be really yours, but is a great place to take cars. The parking lot is always filled with Vehicles. This home features, white chairs, a bookshelf, stairs, a pool, bottles, plants, ceiling fans, outdoor umbrellas, palm trees and more. A Boat is also parked behind your pool in the ocean. Depending on the time of day, the pool will light up or not.Tanner can swim in the pool. The garage opens up automatically when you near it. You can park at least two cars in it. If you have more than two, you'll have to park them outside the house. You have really one neighbor. Their is a Timmy Vermicelli (see Timmy Vermicelli.) in your neighbor's backyard. No one actually walks or lives at the house, so you are alone at peace. The house starts off with all doors closed. Tanner can open them. He can open all except the doors that lead outside to the back of the house. Those, like the garage, open automatically when Tanner nears it. The red bottles, ceiling fans, umbrellas, and glass doors (the ones that lead to the back of the house) are Damageable items. The Miami House is an excellent place to start your day. This place is a start point too. There are Health Boxes and all the Weapons you've collected in here. Run around the place because some are camouflaged. Some are on the kitchen table. One is on the white chair in front of the glass doors. One is on the bookshelf. Another is on the upstairs rail. One is on a nightstand in your bedroom. The Miami House has a beautiful view of Downtown Miami. You see it is on the opposite side of Downtown Miami. The lawn of the Miami House is always trimmed. There are two entrances. You can either take the small and narrow pathway up, or enter from the side of the building with the parking lot, and go up to the house.