Outside the Mortain Mall shopping complex.

The Mortain Mall is a shopping complex in Miami. It plays a major role in the mission, Trapped. It is located in Southern Miami and near the 4th start point in coconut grove. If you turn around at this start point you can see the mall itself behind you.


It looks to have been built in the mid 1980's. It is known for its big M on the roof. The mall has only three entrances, and is entirely linear. Two of the entraces are into the same parking garage which then goes into the mall and will lead to the main walking entrance. Because of the shape of the entrances, it is very easy to drive a vehicle into any entrance through the entire mall and reak havoc, as depicted in the screenshots. The mall has a parking garage as a direct part of the building, and also a parking garage next to it and a parking lot next to one side of the mall as well.

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The Mall contains several stores: