The Nice Airport is an Airport in Nice and a method of public transportation. It has a small parking lot, filled with cars. Pedestrians walk around the front. The Airport has a large tower. A Safehouse, Timmy Vermicelli (see Timmy Vermicelli.) secret car, even an Abyss in this exact area. Because Driv3r has no planes or jets, not a plane can be found at this airport. It's like if the building has shut down or something. To find the Timmy Vermicelli, climb up the ladder of the tower, and kill the Timmy at the top. To find the Safehouse, look for it on the map, and go on the runway. Turn left on the runway and you shall see it. The Safehouse is like a hanger. To find the secret car drive past the Safehouse and continue on. On your left, you shall see a firehouse with three, red garages. The first garage (the one on the left) will open, revealing a Plymouth Prowler hotrod.

The terminal and radio control tower of the Nice Airport.

The Abyss is on the grass at the entrance of the Airport (although one may be in the underground parking lot) . If you drive on the grass, you and your car will get sucked in like if you touched a whirlpool or quicksand. However, when you land, just get out the car (the car explodes if it touches the black walls) and run on the black walls. You shall find yourself back out. The Nice Airport is very quiet. It is quiet unless you bump into someone, or start shooting.

In this airport, actually very close to the abyss location, there's an underground parking lot, which you can enter in. This underground parking lot, can be opened from outside in the other entrance (the one with the parking lot near to it) by pressing the black spot on the gray box, pressing L1 (X button on Xbox). After you got in, you can open the other gate by doing the same process, and after opening the gate, you can go at the main entrance and, as already told, you are close to the abyss spot!

You can, however, get in the parking lot by jumping above the gates or with the sports bike, just getting into the opened point of the gate!