The Nice House is a house in Nice. Like the Miami House it is one of your Safehouses.In the mission, Welcome to Nice, Bad Hand stopped here, leading to the end of the mission. It is a nice place, however, it doesn't have as much as the Miami House. It has other doors, you cannot enter on the bottom floor. On the top floor, there are doors you can enter. The first door leads into a bedroom. If you open the door in the bedroom, it'll lead to the balcony. The balcony also has a door leading to the living room. The door after the bedroom door is the door leading to the kitchen/ living room. All of your collected Weapons are on the bookshelf. The chairs, and tables are Damageable items. Most of the time you must park your cars outside. However, it is possible to bring a police car inside. You can get it into your kitchen/living room. You can also get it back outside. That means some Vehicles are able to get inside.