The Orange Bowl Stadium near Little Havana viewed from the entrance.

The Orange Bowl Stadium is a large stadium in real life and in Miami. It is blue in color with many openings. If you enter the parking lot and take the ramps, you will be above the field behind the upper chairs. They're many openings up there however two of them are large and are not ramps.

One of them contains one of ten Timmy Vermicelli. He is hiding behind a fallen SoBe machine inside the far right room.

The field of this stadium is huge and takes forever to run across. The Orange Bowl is so big it takes up all of Little Havana. When driving in Little Havana, you are really just circling around this giant stadium. No one is ever at the Orange Bowl, which is why exploring it is quiet and lonesome. No wonder a Timmy Vermicelli is here.

Orange bowl match

the Playing Field in the Orange Bowl stadium.


  • On one side of the field, it says "ATARI" on the grass, and on the other side, it says "REFLECTIONS".