Pedestrians are non-player characters that can be seen walking around or driving Vehicles. They act as the unique inhabitants of a particular location, and it can be said that they are a part of the city's scenery. Police officers are not normally pedestrians as they don't normally spawn walking around.

Pedestrians don't talk unless they see you with a gun or hear gun shots. Pedestrians do sometimes sit in benches or at tables, but they get up when they see or hear guns.

Some pedestrians carry guns. These ones will not run away if you pull out your gun, and will instead shoot you. They are red targets. If you're aiming at a pedestrian in a car and the target is red the pedestrian has a gun. Weapon Pedestrians have more health, however you can kill them with a grenade or shotgun.

Pedestrians don't have as much health as you. However, if you get a pedestrian to jump or run into the ocean, and you start swimming with them, both of you should die at the same time. Pedestrians can be killed with a gunshot in the head. Others, like police, can be killed with a shotgun shot. Pedestrian can be also killed if they fall from high. If a pedestrian is shot 3 times while getting back on their feet if they jump they will collapse.


  • Sometimes when walking or driving around a Pedestrian can be seen falling from a high spot and instantly dying. This can also be found in other games such as in certain spots in Saints Row 2 (such as in front of the heron statue at the Heron Hotel in the Hotels and Marina District). These are most likely simple spawn glitches.