The Peterbilt 359 tractor trailer.


The Peterbilt 359 dump truck.


The Peterbilt 359 flatbed.

The Peterbilt 359 is a heavy duty truck, it appears in all three cities and has Tractor Trailer, Dump Truck and Flatbed Variants

Performance Edit

This vehicle is quite slow and heavy and can reach a high speed

Mission Appearances Edit

  • Dodge Island (Dump Truck)
  • Smash And Run (Tractor Trailer)
  • 18 Wheeler (Tractor Trailer)

Location Edit

  • The Dump Truck variant appears as traffic in Miami
  • The Flatbed variant appears as traffic in Istanbul

Trivia Edit

  • The Tractor Trailer variant appears in all three cities
  • The Tractor Trailer variant does not appear in regular traffic
  • In Miami, if you kill all 10 Timmy Vermicellis and go to the armories, the Police will be replaced by Peterbilt 359 tractor trailers driven by Timmy Vermicellis, these Trucks go very fast and show no mercy, if you drive these trucks you can reach insane speeds