REC in Nice

REC is a car shop in Nice. It is located between the main road, and two other roads near the highways. It is near a small highway, and the larger highway is further up. If you still do not understand, drive on the highways that connect to the main road (which is near the ocean). When you get to the end, find the other nearby highway that is connected to a big, curved road. Follow the highway until it ends and contracts. You will be on a road going straight. Follow it until you see a large, red and white building with a large parking lot. That is where REC is located. REC is a large red and white building that has a large parking lot filled with many cars. Like with any parking lot, if you don't like the cars there, go away far from the building and approach it again. REC cannot be entered, but is still a useful place (because of its super large parking lot filled with cars).

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