Nice safehouse 1
Safehouses are buildings where you can escape from cops and be safe.ISafehouses are red dots on the map and mini map. A Safehouse has all collected guns inside it

Tanner in a safehouse in Istanbul.

as well as a few health boxes. If you've been wanted by the cops, once you enter a safehouse, your police meter will reduce as if you didn't get in trouble. Istanbul, Turkey has the darkest safehouses (Istanbul is dark itself)
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Look at the red dots on the map of Miami. Those are safehouses.

. A Timmy Vermicelli. (ignore the period, that's just to link it) is in one in Istanbul. The picture here to the right is the one with the Timmy. There are 3 safehouses in every city. The apartment in Miami has everything you'll need- a parking lot, a boat dock, and more. Some guns are camouflaged and hard to see so run around a safehouse. You'll pick them up.

Miami Safehouses-Edit

Nice Safehouses-Edit

  • Nice Apartment
  • Administration Office
  • Airport

Istanbul Safehouses-Edit

  • Red Brick Apartment
  • Hotel like building
  • Dark building

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