Nice safehouse 1

Tanner in a safehouse in Istanbul.

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Look at the red dots on the map of Miami. Those are safehouses.

Safehouses are buildings where you can escape from cops and be safe. Safehouses are red dots on the map and mini map. A Safehouse has all collected guns inside it as well as a few health boxes. If you've been wanted by the cops, once you enter a safehouse, your police meter will reduce as if you didn't get in trouble. Istanbul, Turkey has the darkest safehouses (Istanbul is dark itself). A Timmy Vermicelli is in one in Istanbul. The picture here to the right is the one with the Timmy. There are 3 safehouses in every city. The apartment in Miami has everything you'll need - a parking lot, a boat dock, and more. Some guns are camouflaged and hard to see so run around a safehouse. You'll pick them up.

Miami SafehousesEdit

Nice SafehousesEdit

  • Nice Apartment
  • Administration Office
  • Airport

Istanbul SafehousesEdit

  • Red Brick Apartment
  • Hotel like building
  • Dark building