The Socca Restaurant is a common restaurant in Nice. It is a small white building with a black logo. Socca's logo can confuse the player, because its name is smaller than its motto (it may be a motto). The larger word says something with "GAVE" and is curved. To the left of the larger word you will see the word "Socca Restaurant". Underneath these words are the words "Bar", "Pizzeria" and more, proving that Socca is some sort of fancy restaurant of fast food place. Socca is found usually around Senesis, and La Elule. It can be found on the same streets as those two, which are the streets that pass by REC. if you start on the starting point closest behind the farthest left starting point, you will find yourself on a two lane road. Make a U-turn. Go straight until the road ends (which is shortly after) and turn right. This is the road that features Socca, REC, Senesis, La Elule, CINE CINE CINE Video , Boucherie, Java Javas Coffee, and the Snack Bar Restaurant. The road to the right of this road, also features these places.

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