The Sopa Inca Nightclub.

Inca is a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey. You will notice it, when you come close to it. You'll hear disco music. Sopa Inca is near a pink part near the top of the map (look at the mini map in this picture). As you go in there to dance, as soon as you touch that dance floor you'll hear machine guns. That's because a Timmy Vermicelli (See Timmy Vermicelli. ) is in there. Where Tanner is aiming in this picture is where the Timmy is. Go upstairs and go the the glass windows. Kill the Timmy then enjoy yourself with some moves on that dance floor. Just a joke, because no one is there, and Tanner can't dance. Sopa Inca is a big nightclub with a bar. It is fun to explore for yourself. Some other places say there is a manager there. Explore and see if there really is someone. You can enter Sopa Inca from the front or back whichever you prefer.