Take A Ride Mode is a game you can play in Driv3r. It allows you to roam Miami, Nice, or Istanbul freely. You can drive cars, shoot with your guns, explore the cities, steal cars and much more. There are many vehicles ( 3 in the list below nonplayable). When you choose Take A Ride Mode, you can choose weather, time of day, whether cops are on or off, and vehicle you want to drive. Whenever you pick up a gun (see Weapons) in Undercover Mode, you'll be able to use it in Take A Ride Mode. A submission in Take A Ride Mode is to kill all 10 Timmy Vermicellis (see Timmy Vermicelli) You'll unlock 18 Wheeler Havoc Mode (Miami), Fugitive Mode (Nice), or Infinite Mass (Istanbul) if you find and kill all ten. Another submission is to find and unlock all three secret cars. Pedestrians are seen in Take A Ride Mode, walking, sitting, driving, or running/swimming (if they saw you with a gun.) There are 3 Safehouses in each city that can help you with health, cops, and guns. Many enterable buildings other than Safehouses are here. Some have Timmies others don't.

Vehicles you'll see in Take A Ride Mode- Edit