A Talbot Tagora.

A Talbot Tagora is a taxi in Nice. It is the smallest out of the other two, making it the smallest taxi in the game. The Talbot Tagora differs from the 1978 Ford LTD (Miami's taxi) and 1954 Chevrolet Two-Ten (Istanbul's taxi) because it is smaller, shorter, and has no decorations but a Taxi sign. It looks like a regular car with a Taxi sign. However, it is a common car like other taxis. They don't take as much damage as the other two taxis making them stronger than the other two. These vehicles are quite fast and have the motor of the Renault 25, Renault 5, and Fiat Panda. When driving a Talbot Tagora, you'll see others driving Talbot Tagoras. Though, you'll see other people driving Talbot Tagoras even if you're not driving one.