Tanner in Driv3r

Introduced In: Opening (Cutscene) Survived in: Chase the Train

John Tanner is the protagonist of the Driver series, returning again in Driv3r. Tanner is an FBI agent, who prefers dangerous undercover work, rather than more conventional methods.

In the beginning of the game, Tanner shows interest in infiltrating South Beach, a car theft/repo gang operating in Miami. Their leader, Calita, is taking part in a large vehicle shipment across Europe. After extracting information from a dangerous South Beach driver, (and killing him in the process) Tanner retrieves a stolen car from Tico's gang, a local rival. He brings the car to Calita, and she allows him to be South Beach's driver.

For the majority of the game, Tanner is seen doing jobs for South Beach in Miami, and Nice. He is shown killing many times in order to mantain his cover in South Beach. Such victims include The Gator, (a Miami crimelord) and Fabienne (the leader of a Nice repo gang). He remains a trusted member of South Beach until the mission Rescue Dubois, where he helps save a kidnapped Interpol agent. While he and Dubois attempt to retrieve Calita's laptop, Jericho enters the boathouse, along with Calita and Lomaz. Jericho kills Dubois, while Tanner escapes unhurt.

Near the end of the game, Tanner becomes a rogue agent, working against Vauban and Interpol in order to continue hunting Jericho. He captures Calita, and gains Vauban's trust again. She reveals that Jericho will be at the previously chosen drop-off point. Tanner and Jones split up, and Tanner arrives at the train station too late. Jericho nearly escapes, while Tanner gives chase. After a shootout between Jericho's thugs and the Turkish police, Tanner wounds Jericho in an alleyway, and prepares to kill him. He decides to let Jericho live, and as he turns to leave, is wounded by Jericho. He is last seen at the ending, with his heart being jumpstarted.

His ultimate fate is unknown and is not resolved in Driver: Parallel Lines. However, Graffiti in New York in Parallel Lines read "Tanner lives" and "I love Tanner". It is unknown if these are canon or just easter eggs. However, in Driver: San Francisco, it is revealed that both Tanner and Jericho are alive, with Tanner still seeking revenge. 


For most of the game, Tanner is shown as willing to kill to bust South Beach. He shoots Baccus, (though primarily because he believes Baccus is going to draw a gun) The Gator, and Fabienne. He violently beats Lomaz in the cutscene Face Facts.