Trains are non driveable vehicles and a method of public transportation. Train cars do not spawn in Take A Ride Mode in neither Nice nor Istanbul, and only appear in the final mission of the Undercover Mode.

  • Istanbul has a rail system that operates between Istanbul Sirkeci station and a nameless station on the other side of the city.
  • Nice ground to elevated rail system has a single station and the track runs past the highways and up into the hills. The player can access the train tracks by glitches or following this method(With invincibility for Take a Ride Mode cheat activated): - Start Take a Ride Mode and select Renault 25,go to the same point of the video with the car and place the car BACKWARDS leaning against the wall.Shoot the car but DONT blow it,just make the fire start,then jump on the car roof and when the car explodes,jump toward the train tracks,and finally,you are on the train tracks(Some parts aren't solid,so caution where you step).
Video coming soon

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