This page is about the Tram in Istanbul for Miami Metromover see MetromoverEdit


A Tram stopping to pick up passengers in Istanbul

Trams are public transportation system in Istanbul. They are just as dangerous as oncoming cars.  The Istanbul tram differs from the Miami Mertomover in many ways. The trams in Driv3r are based on the trams from old Istanbul tram system which closed in 1966, howether in reality these now only operated along Independence Avenue, with modern trams operating throughout the rest of city.  It appears in two locations one on each island along main roads on one, and along a pedestrian street on the other (a reproduction of Independence Avenue). The Istanbul tram is larger than the Miami Metromover, and moves tree times faster The Istanbul trams all run on rails embeded into the road It has stations that it stops at which have platforms and are on both sides of the main road, there are no platforns for the tram that runs on the pedestrian street. The Istanbul tram can damage cars if they are not careful. Unlike all other public transportation, Tanner can board the Istanbul tram by walking into the openings on its side (which is the biggest difference it and the Miami Metromover). however, the tram's speed is so fast that it pushes Tanner to the back. If you are not careful, you can find yourself pused out of the tram, Pedestrians do not board the tram. When turning on tram tracks, be careful, that tram may hit you and procede. The stations with platforms have stairs. barriers are in place to prevent fare dodgers (much like the machines used to access the underground railway system in cities such as Paris, Beaulie, New York and Atlanta) will block you path. They must be destroyed to acces the platfrom. There are benches with Pedestrians sitting on them and posters of girls welcoming tourists to Istanbul at staions with platforms all under a green roof. The tram service is not frequent two trams start at oposite end of the the tramway on the main road at the begining of the game. The  Istanbul tram's windows can be destroyed how ever the rest of tram can not, but you can put bullet holes in them. Istanbul tram tracks are cobblestone (or brick) roads with lines in them, which mark the tram's path.  Trams can be both helpful and harmful. Have caution around them, for you can easily die or lose them.

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