Playing the mission The Siege in Miami.

Driv3r 2-1-

Playing a mission in Istanbul.

Undercover Mode (or Story Mode) is the mode with the missions. There are a total of 25 missions combined. Some are long while others are short. Missions take skill and a lot of sneaking must be done. There are many mission characters such as Baccus, Lomaz, Detective Jones, Calita, Bad Hand, Jericho, The Gator, and more. When you pick up a gun from a dead goon you can use it in Take A Ride Mode. This is how you collect all Weapons. 3 nonplayable cars are seen in these missions only. Most missions may choose a car or boat for you. Some are timed, but most aren't. Many goons are around, which you must sneak and shoot to complete the mission. Missions include exploding, stealing, shooting and more. You can unlock certain cars in missions too.

Missions in Miami, Florida

  1. Police HQ
  2. Lead On Baccus
  3. The Siege
  4. Rooftops
  5. Impress Lomaz
  6. Gator's Yacht
  7. Trapped
  8. Dodge Island
  9. Retribution

Missions in Nice, France

  1. Welcome To Nice
  2. Smash & Run
  3. 18-Wheeler
  4. Hijack
  5. Arms Deal
  6. Booby Trap
  7. Calita In Trouble
  8. Rescue Dubois
  9. Hunted

Missions in Istanbul, Turkey

  1. Surveillance
  2. Tanner Escapes
  3. Another Lead
  4. Alleyway
  5. The Chase
  6. Bomb Truck
  7. Chase the Train