Vehicles are transport modes found in Driv3r. The game has 70 of them. The cars are different from every city and no car appears in two cities. Some cars, like the 1961 Chevrolet Impala, are long while others like the Fiat Panda are small. Some are bikes, others are pickups, cars, buses, SUVs and more.

Description Edit

When the player is driving a vehicle (excluding secret cars and Miami's Volvo FL), more of the same vehicle will start to spawn, whether they are parked, or being driven by NPCs.

Types & Functions Edit

Sports bikes and motorcycles are the only vehicles able to drive on Miami's Metromover tracks, except for one station just north of the downtown starting location. Only select cars can fit.  These vehicles are damageable. There are also boats that can be driven, however, they have no names or images. Some boats can get from one side of Miami to the other in seconds, and the player can start off with a boat. Boats are good ways to escape cops and they are found at most coastline constructions.

Other noncontrolable vehicles ( 3 of them in the list below) include trains. Strangely, Driv3r has no planes or jets, despite having an in-game airport.

Secret Cars are hidden cars throughout cities. There are 3 of them in each city (read up on some of the vehicles to see how to unlock them).

Putting out a gun or shooting from a gun can easily send people out of their own vehicles, giving the player many vehicles to choose. Most of the cars are old but some are still alive today. The sport bikes may be the fastest vehicles in the game and can outrun a cop with ease. Bigger vehicles such as buses, tractor trailers and trucks themselves can last longer than a car, and are stronger. When speeding (near or at top speed) you can damage a car badly and not get a scratch.

If you crash into a pedestrian in a car very hard the pedestrian dies, calling the Police towards the accident. If you hit a pedestrian in their car hard enough while they're driving, they die letting the car stop itself. Some cars can be badly damaged from an accident. Others don't take much damage. Those vehicles are mostly cars with low bodies. If a vehicle's damage meter goes to the very end, the next accident will destroy it. Putting bullets in a car, damaging it until it is fully destroyed, or shooting a grenade at a car will set it on fire and explode.

Some vehicles are common others are rare. Certain vehicles (such as taxis) you can find at the beginning of "Take A Ride" mode. Istanbul has the most old cars. Miami has more cars that look like today's cars. Nice has sports cars and convertibles mostly but other cars are available as well.

 Every playable and nonplayable car is listed below. Even the secret and police ones.


  • You can make a civilian (or a crook) exit their car without drawing a gun- just jump on top of it.
  • It is possible for a car to fall into an abyss. For example, if you drive on the grass on Nice's airport. When you fall into the abyss, your car will explode instantly, killing you but not on Xbox and PC Versions . 

Vehicles of Driv3rEdit