Two Volvo FLs collided into each other in Nice.


A SoBe Volvo FL in Miami.

A Volvo FL is a rigid box truck found in Miami and Nice. It is rigid in the sense that the ‘trailer’ is fixed to the chassis along with the cab, thus the trailer cannot be disconnected or moved independently of the cab. As any heavy commercial vehicle, the Volvo FL suffers poor performance and top speed but makes up for this in strength and the ability to carry its momentum through multiple collisions with smaller vehicles.

In Miami, the Volvo FL is not driven by pedestrians, however the Volvo is not a secret vehicle and can be chosen through the vehicle selection menu. The Miami Volvo FL features a black and green SoBe livery.

In Nice, pedestrians are seen driving the Volvo, contrasting to Miami. The Nice Volvo FL features a white trailer with coloured cab.


  • In the Miami, Florida mission "Trapped", this truck appears in the Mortain Mall's parking garage.
  • On the front of the truck, the word "Dolva" can be seen. Coincidentally, the same name reappears in "Driver: Parallel Lines".

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